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Our 8:00 am service takes place in the Chapel on all but the first Sunday of the month, when it is held in the Church.  The service is in traditional “thee,thou,thy” language (those familiar with The Episcopal Church know this as “Rite I”), includes Communion and Sermon, and a little bit of music.  It has a quiet, contemplative flavor.

Our 10:00 am service takes place in the Church, and is the service most people attend.  In an effort to meet the needs of a wide variety of people, this service follows a rotation over the course of each month so that the prayers used and the kind of music sung vary somewhat in style each week. On the last Sunday of most months, the music is led by OMG: our Once a Month Group (contemporary music).

Our 5:05 pm service takes place in the Chapel.  Each Sunday, an informal Eucharist is offered with a Gospel reading and reflection.  The service is smaller and more intimate.  On the second Sunday of the month, music from the Taizé tradition in France is included (simple chants that are repeated).  On the last Sunday of most months the service is quite different and larger, as we offer a Children's Liturgy for younger kids and their families (and anyone else who wants to come!).

We also have a Healing Eucharist each Wednesday at 12:10 pm in the chapel.