All-Church Bishop's Ranch Retreat

  All-Church Bishop's Ranch Retreat  
Please note that when you register for the retreat, you will be asked to indicate your first choice for accommodations.  Prices include 5 meals.  You will be notified when your lodging is confirmed, and will be INVOICED at that time for the amount due! We never want anyone to be excluded from the retreat for financial reasons.  If you are in need of scholarship assistance, please click on the confidential Scholarship Request Form below or speak privately to the Rector.  

Our 2018 Bishop's Ranch Retreat will begin Friday evening, September 28, and end with lunch on Sunday, September 30.  

This year, Aaron Klinefelter, our Associate for Children and Family Ministries and Assistant to the Rector, will be faciliatating our time together.  We are still in the midst of planning and discerning what the theme of the retreat will be, but our format will be pretty much the same:  people arrive over the course of Friday evening, with fellowship and snacks available in the Ranch House.  After breakfast Saturday morning, there will be separate program time for adults, youth, and kids.  The afternoon will be free, and we will have a social activity on Saturday evening.  Sunday morning includes breakfast, worship, free time, and preparing to go home.  

You can register now by clicking the link above.   We will share more about our plans for the retreat as they are finalized.  Since Rev. Matthew will need to be in Menlo Park for Sunday morning services, we may switch things up a bit with a Saturday evening Eucharist.  Stay tuned!

While we hope the programmatic part will be fun, engaging, and educational, we are also mindful of the fact that the retreat is a time to get away, relax, and deepen our relationships.   So there will be generous amounts of free time provided during the course of the weekend.  In fact, there will be more time devoted to relaxation than to program!  That, we hope, will make the retreat both an opportunity for spiritual growth and sabbath time.
The exact schedule for the retreat will be made available closer to the time.   Please note that the retreat is limited in terms of the number of people we can accommodate, so we encourage you to register early.