Trinity Legacy Society

  Trinity Legacy Society  

“Distant ages to come shall serve you,
shall be related to you in future times. 
Those people yet unborn
will sing of your uprightness, your evenness,
your brightness to a people not yet born,
that is still yet to come,
that this is how you are.” 

(Psalm 22, free translation by Norman Fischer)


What is the Legacy Society?
The Trinity Legacy Society seeks to strengthen the life and work of Trinity Church in service to the Gospel of Christ for future generations, by building up the Trinity Endowment Fund.  Society members' gifts to the Endowment are given during their lifetimes or through their estates.

You may join the Legacy Society at any time.  The Society was inaugurated in 2012 at the feast of Pentecost with 52 Founding Members, an extraordinary level of support straddling all Trinity generations and income strata.  Trinity Legacy Society members are also invited to become members of the Bishop's Society, which recognizes planned giving across the Diocese of California.  Both Trinity and the Diocese host occasional gatherings to celebrate the spirit of forward giving shared by all Society members.


What is the Trinity Endowment Fund?
The Endowment Fund is like the Church's savings account. Its primary goal is to serve Trinity into perpetuity. Today's parishioners are blessed with an asset valued at a little over $2 million. The Trustees disperse 5% of the Endowment Fund value each year to the Vestry, which then allocates this "draw" to enhance the church's ministry; to support outreach; and to fund long-term projects, including those that maintain the 5 buildings on our campus.  

The Endowment Fund is replenished and grows through investment returns and through gifts and bequests.  The Endowment is an important vehicle for each of us to leave a legacy to Trinity and to help ensure this welcoming place will be here for future generations. 

The Endowment is administered and prudently invested by the Endowment Committee, which comprises 5 rotating Trustees who are named by the Rector and approved by the Vestry.  The Endowment Committee focuses on investing for long-term growth and providing a stream of income to the Vestry for focused projects that allow Trinity to serve the community into the future. 

How Do I Join the Legacy Society?
There are two paths to Legacy Society membership:  giving to Trinity's endowment today through a major gift, or giving tomorrow through a bequest.  Either commitment helps to secure the future of Trinity's ministry.  


  1. Giving Today:   Make a "major gift" to the Trinity Endowment and start it growing today.  The definition of "major" is up to the giver.  It should be "major" for you, typically a multiple of your annual pledge.

    • You may write a check payable to the "Trinity Endowment Fund"  

    • You may give stock or other assets by contacting one of the Endowment Trustees

    • The Endowment Fund Tax ID is #94-1219133.

    • Upon receipt of your gift you will automatically be enrolled in the Legacy Society and receive an acknowledgement and thanks from the Rector.

  2. Giving Tomorrow:  Designate part of your estate as your legacy to Trinity Church.

    • You may name Trinity in your will or living trust.  This may require the assistance of your attorney.  

    • You may designate Trinity as a beneficiary of an IRA or life insurance policy.  This may only require a form from the company holding your account. 

    • Once you have taken one of these actions, please inform us of your plans to be enrolled in the Lecacy Society.


Online Resources


Will-Writing Events 

These events are held occasionally at Trinity and at other Episcopal churches in our area.  They are coordinated through the Planned Giving Office at the Diocese of California.

Questions?  Contact:   John Savage, Trinity Endowment Trustee


Your Legacy:  
Much More than Money


Everyone leaves something behind, every day.  A reminder of this is found in the "legacy words" from the 2012 Legacy Society "leaf project."   Think about the legacy that other Trinity members leave to you and you to them.  Imagine what might have been writen about you...

We also encourage you to engage in the responsible actions that each of us should take to ensure that we "exit with grace and forethought."  

Legacy-related actions include:
  • Reflecting on what kind of legacy you are creating now and whether it reflects you and your values.
  • Arranging legal guardianship for children in the event of their parents' deaths.
  • Having a "Living Will" or medical power of attorney that expresses your wishes allowing family members or other people you designate to more easily make medical decisions on your behalf when you cannot.
  • Putting a will or trust in place.  If you don't decide where your estate goes, the State of California will!
  • Collecting financial and other vital information in one place so that family members can easily access it in the event that you are unable to act for yourself or after your death.
  • Making plans for your funeral or memorial service and putting those plans on file in the church office, as well as in a place accessible to your loved ones.

The Legacy Society Forms Packet will help guide you through the process.