Three Year Plan: Strengthening Our Congregation

  Three Year Plan: Strengthening Our Congregation  

In Lent of 2015, the people of Trinity participated in a survey of the congregation to assess how we were doing, and also to identify those areas of our life and ministry together that people were most interested in strengthening.   The results of that survey indicated a strong congregation with high levels of both satisfaction and energy, and surfaced five areas around which we particularly wanted to strengthen our ministry:


  • Oureach
  • Children, Youth, and Family Ministries
  • Spiritual Discovery (Adult Formation)
  • Broadening Parishioner Engagement
  • Growing the Congregation


This past April, Trinity held a “Planning Extravaganza” that invited people to brainstorm ideas that would strengthen our life in each of these five areas.  After that, teams of volunteers from each of the brainstorming groups continued to meet to finalize the results of the brainstorming sessions, focusing on the top five ideas that attracted the most support during those sessions.   The results of these efforts are found on the attached page.


Before you review the three-year plan, there are a few things that should be noted.


  • First, the plan focuses on new ministry initiatives aimed at strengthening already existing ministry areas.  Please note that current, on-going ministries will continue, and, for the most part, are not listed in this plan.


  • Second, the attached plan does not include details of the proposed ministry initiatives.  However, as groups are formed to lead these initiatives, details that were generated during the planning process will be fully shared.


  • Third, these initiatives are invitations:  those that attract support will be moved forward.  But there may be some that don’t attract sufficient energy to be implemented.  We will update the congregation regularly on where we stand with these initiatives.   


  • Please note that on the attached page, things are divided into “Year 1”, “Year 2”, and “Year 3”.   These indicate when initiatives are due to start, but they do NOT mean that initiatives will end once that year is over.   So, something started in Year 1 will still be going on in Years 2 and 3.  Please note that each planning year runs from September to September.


  • Finally, the areas of Broadening Engagement and Growing the Congregation have not been set into the Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3 structure, because of the nature of the work in those areas.



Three Year Plans like this one are not formed simply for their own sake.  Our hope in putting together this plan is to strengthen the life and ministry of our community so that we can continue to proclaim the Gospel according to our experience of it.  The shape of our proclamation reflects a particular vision that we believe Christ is inviting us to embrace.  That vision is of a generous Christianity in which God’s love is shared with all, into which all people are invited, and which sees that God is always moving toward us in a love shaped as forgiveness, compassion, and generosity.   When we really see that God in Christ is moving toward us in this way, then we are freed from fear, and given the space to be transformed in a more Christ-like direction, letting go of what must be let go and holding fast to the way in which the divine is reflected within each of us.  It is that vision of the Gospel, and of the God who gives it to us in Jesus, that this plan ultimately seeks to serve.

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