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  Youth Ministry News  

Youth Ministry News

Regular youth group programming for the 2016-2017 year concluded on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. There are two meetings planned over the summer.  Please see those dates below.  

Regular Youth group meetings for the 2017-2018 program year which occur on most Sundays from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Trinity church will start again mid-September.  There are also morning offerings for middle school youth on every other Sunday during our program year.  A fuller listing of the program calendar listing all meetings will be available in the future.  If you have any questions please conatct our Associate for Youth Ministries,
Patrick Kangrga


This Sunday:

This Sunday from 12:00-2:00pm youth are invited to come help me clean-up and reorganize our youth room and spaces.  We will clean up, we will decide what things to keep and what things to toss out, we will redecorate with photos and other items, and youth will have the opportunity to decide on a couple new pieces of furniture and other items to add to the youth room.  Lunch will be provided.  

Next Sunday:

Youth are asked to help at church by providing hospitality for the 10am service.  Youth will help make coffee, set up tables, and put out food and drinks that will be provided.  One adult is needed to help with this as well.  Please let me know if you and/or your youth are interested in helping with this.  Youth will at this point be an official part of the hospitality team and will be asked to volunteer periodically.    

Also, any interested youth is also invited to attend a Godly Play Door Person training after church

Announcements and Upcoming Events: 

(Please contact me to let me know of your interest in any and all events or if you have any questions.)

1. Godly Play Door Person Training - 8/27

Join Susan Bryan for a 45 minute door person training.  ALL members of our congregation are invited to be trained as a door person. A door person is like a classroom assistant during the Godly Play session. The storyteller is the leader, but the door person's role is extremely important for adding a sense of safety and security for the children, creating smooth transitions and giving, often silent, support to what is happening during each stage of Godly Play.  

2. 6th and 7th Graders Labor Day Weekend Event - 9/2  through 9/4

All new 6th graders coming into youth group as well as all 7th graders are invited to spend a weekend together.  I and Meg will take youth to San Francisco on Saturday for a day of fun and socializing.  Youth will be able to choose from a number of opportunities including Go Karts, the Aquarium, the Exploratorium, all of the boat rides, and much more.  On Sunday, I and Meg will take the youth on a hike and possibly to do a service opportunity during the morning returning to Trinity in the afternoon where they will experience their first youth group meeting.  The evening will conclude with a sleepover planned to take place at the home of the Sages (possibly relocated to Trinity, if the group gets too large.)  I ask that you provide $55/$69 (12 and under/ 13 and above) in advance which will cover all the social activities for Saturday.  We will plan to do at least three things but may be able to fit in more.  In addition, families are asked to provide money for their young people to cover the cost of public transit and meals.  I can provide further details to those who are interested.  
3.  Youth Group Orientation - 9/10

All youth group members and their families are invited and encouraged to attend an orientation.  We will meet in Trinity Hall from 6-8pm beginning our time together with food and fellowship. I will spend time introducing themes and plans for the coming program year.  This will include discussion of Confirmation, service opportunities, social outings, mission trip, pilgrimage, and more.  Youth will also have the opportunity to choose what social outings they would like to schedule for the year.  We will close in a time of worship.   

4.  Confirmation Information Session - 9/17
Following the 10am service, I will lead an information session that will tell you all about the plan for Confirmation classes which will begin on Sunday, October 8th.  This is a time to come to learn about Confirmation, to ask your questions, and then to leave and take some time to discern about if you and your young person/people want to go on this spiritual journey of discovery together.  I ask that you attend if you are even mildly curious.   This meeting will be held in the Library and should last about 45 minutes.  

5.  Youth Group Kick-off Pool Party - 9/17
Let’s start the year off right.  For our first official youth group gathering, we will be having a swim party celebrating the fact that we are back together again and we have a whole program year ahead of us.  Come eat and have some fun with us at the Andrew Home from 1:30-4:30.  
6.  Church Retreat at Bishop’s Ranch - 9/29-10/1
This is a church-wide event and I want to invite all youth and families.  I would strongly encourage that those who decide to participate in Confirmation attend this retreat as it could serve as a time of getting to know one another before we dive into the Confirmation classes.   
7.  Service Day: San Francisco/Marin Food Bank @ San Francisco 
Youth Group begins a year of service around Menlo Park, the Bay Area, and the country at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. The Food Bank provides food for 30,00 families and so many more individuals.  Youth, their families, and members of the wider congregation are invited to join us at the warehouse to sort and pack food for those in need.  The service time is from 12:30-3:30.  If using public transit, we will have to depart earlier and return bit later.  I encourage youth and families to attend together as well as for youth to invite friends to serve alongside us.  
8.  Confirmation Class Begins - 10/8
Confirmation is one of the sacraments of the Episcopal Church.  It is a sacred time and process in which a baptized Christian meditates on who God is and discerns if they believe in that God.  If during that process the answer is yes then that person can choose to renew their baptism by Confirmation.  Confirming their belief in a loving God and their commitment to live God's love out in their own life and in the wider world.   Youth currently in high school are invited to participate in this process.  We begin with an orientation and will meet once a month until June for teachings, service opportunities, and experiences of how others practice and worship God.  In June each young person may choose to be confirmed by the Bishop of California in a large ceremony with many other young people who feel so called. This can also be a great preparation for Baptism for any young person who is not but wishes to be baptized.   
9.  My New Red Shoes Drive - 10/8 through 11/17
Youth Group's year of service continues with a shoe drive for My New Red Shoes. My New Red Shoes focuses on improving the educational experience and quality of life for children in need by providing them with a pair of brand new athletic shoes and the opportunity to shop for school clothing. Please help the youth group by donating a pair of brand new shoes or making a $25 contribution towards the purchase of a pair of shoes. To learn more visit: 
10.  All Saints and All Souls Party - 10/29
After the 10 am service we'll be having a Halloween party in Trinity Hall! Come dressed for the occasion and enjoy food and festivities!




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