GAIA Mobile Clinic - Gear Up for Gracie!

  GAIA Mobile Clinic - Gear Up for Gracie!  
GEAR UP FOR GRACIE:  One Part and One Visit at a time...
  • $75,000 for "Gracie" - a new GAIA Mobile Clinic (We did it! A new Gracie vehicle is on order!)
  • $10,000 to keep Gracie in the field for a month (We did this and more!  The $17,749.40 we raised will fund nearly 5500 visits!)

Help us reach our goals by GAIA SUNDAY CELEBRATION on February 11th.




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  • Please note that some companies will not provide matching funds to churches at all, while others will providing those funds are not used for church operations or explicitly religious purposes.  Trinity is a registered charity with Benevity, which manages Corporate Matching Funds for a number of Silicon Valley companies.
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Trinity's focus for 2018 is to support GAIA's proven Mobile Clinics program, which delivers healthcare and AIDS testing and treatment to people living in rural villages, serving over 1 million remote villagers to date.  By "Gearing up for Gracie" the people of Trinity will address two critical needs:  replacing a work-worn clinic vehicle and funding its operations for a full month. 

  • VEHICLE $75,000
    Buying a new "Gracie" Land Cruiser costs $75,000 in Malawi.  A committed GAIA supporter at Trinity has funded the first $45,000 and Trinity's youth will help lead the way to fund the remaining $30,000.
  • OPERATIONS $10,000/mo.
    Providing the local staff, medicines, gas, maintenance and insurance to keep Gracie running for costs $10,000 per month, or only $3.25 per visit for the over 3000 villagers served by each mobile clinic every month.   Trinity's goal is to fund the month of May, 2018 for one mobile clinic.  Our Outreach Commission has funded the first $5,000 and Trinity's children will help lead the way to fund the remaining $5,000.


One visit at a time!              

$3.25 per visit

$56 per hour

$450 per day

$10,000 per month

One part at a time!               

February 11th @ 10 & 11:30

Join us after church to celebrate progress in Trinity's quest to purchase "GRACIE," a new GAIA mobile clinic vehicle, and to keep her in operation for a month.  

Enjoy a childrens's skit, a GAIA film, and remarks by a GAIA executive. 

Please come and help save lives! Click to RSVP so we'll have a lunch box ready for you.


GAIA is Trinity's partner for serving the people in the African country of Malawi, a peaceful country of 80% Christians and 15% Muslims. 

Malawi is also the poorest country in the world, with one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS and child orphans. 

GAIA is an interfaith organization co-founded nearly 20 years by an Episcopal priest and a San Francisco-based physician. 

GAIA's programs are recognized and leveraged by the UN and other NGOs, and GAIA partners with the Malawi governmental health officials for highly effective "end of the road" delivery to Malawi's rural population.

Ending AIDS: 90/90/90

UN has determined that the AIDS epidemic can be ended by 2030 if these ambitious but attainable goals are achieved by 2020:
  • TESTING:  90% of all people living with HIV know their HIV status 
  • TREATMENT:  90% of those testing positive receive sustained antiretroviral therapy (ART) 
  • SUPPRESSION: 90% on ARTs achieve viral suppression 

This 90/90/90 attainment yields suppression in over 73% of the HIV-infected population, breaking the epidemic cycle.

This 12-minute
film shows how GAIA provides all of the essential services —  education, testing, treatment and follow-up — to achieve 99/90/90 in the isolated villages of Malawi.  

About GAIA

Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance (GAIA) provides basic health services, targeting prevention, care, and support in communities affected by HIV, AIDS, TB and malaria in Africa. GAIA is a non-profit, non-governmental 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in June 2000 in response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.  Tax ID # 94-3364364.  

GAIA is highly accountable to its donors and the people served. Our Malawi staff has decades of experience in community development, health care, and relief work. They carefully monitor and evaluate all programs. GAIA has a strong reputation for integrity and collaboration with local community, religious and institutional leaders.  GAIA is registered as an international non-governmental organization in Malawi, providing official sanction to our work.