Giving And Belonging

  Giving And Belonging  
In order to have a sense of belonging in a community four things need to occur

  *  People need to be seen

  *  People need to be heard

  *  People need to contribute to the well-being of the community

  *  People need to have their hopes for the future affirmed by the community

Giving for the well-being of the community is a fundamental aspect of belonging.
Financial giving is essential for the ongoing vitality and sustainability of Trinity.

This year, in the midst of our transition between rector's we are inviting people to make a pledge for 2022 to

Share the Joy of Trinity Through Bountiful Giving 

View our 2022 Stewardship Brochure 


Online Giving


By setting up an account in Trinity's online giving system, you can schedule payments automatically, as well as make one-time contributions to special funds or projects.  Setting up an account also gives you access to your giving history, so you can check your donation records at any time.  

Through Trinity Online Giving, you can use a credit or debit card, or set up an ACH/eCheck transaction directly from your bank account.  Please note that the church incurs a processing fee of 3% on credit card transactions and 1% on ACH transactions.  You may wish to increase your gift to help defray our costs.  

Any questions regarding Trinity Online Giving should be directed to our bookkeeper via
or at 650-305-7818.

Click here to access our Privacy and Refund Policies.



If you work for a company that matches your charitable contributions, it might be possible for Trinity to be a recipient of those funds.   While some companies will not provide matching funds to churches at all, others will, providing those funds are not used for church operations or explicitly religious purposes.  In those cases, matching funds cannot be applied to your pledge, but will be directed to support Trinity's Outreach activities through the Care & Justice Commission.

If you are able to designate corporate matching funds to Trinity, please
 inform us so that we can watch for the match.  Trinity is a registered charity with Benevity, which manages Corporate Matching Funds for a number of Silicon Valley companies.


Stock Gifts


You may choose to make a gift or fulfill your pledge in the form of a stock transfer.  Stock transfers are processed through Trinity's account at Schwab, and are sold as soon as possible once the Treasurer is aware of the transfer.  The final value of the gift will depend on the value of the stock at the time of sale.  Your statement of giving from Trinity will be updated to reflect that gift after the stock sale has been completed, or you may ask the Treasurer to inform you of the value once the transaction is completed.
To make a stock transfer, your financial institution will need Trinity’s Schwab account number and other information.  Please contact Trinity's Treasurer  ( for stock transfer instructions and for any questions you may have.




If you are planning your IRA withdrawal strategy, you may want to consider making a charitable donation through a QCD.  A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity like Trinity.  QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year, as long as certain rules are met.

In addition to the benefits of giving to Trinity, a QCD excludes the amount donated from your taxable income, which is unlike regular withdrawals from an IRA.  Keeping your taxable income lower may reduce the impact to certain tax credits and deductions, including Social Security and Medicare.

Also, QCDs don't require that you itemize, which due to the recent tax law changes, means you may decide to take advantage of the higher standard deduction, but still use a QCD for charitable giving. Please contact your IRA Administrator for further information.


Sharing the Joy of Trinity
Through Bountiful Giving

Pledge for 2022