Families and Youth

  Families and Youth  

Christian Formation for Children, Youth, and Families
Children have an inborn curiosity about and connection to the divine, so Trinity's Christian formation programs aim to nurture their love of God and Creation. In our Godly Play classes for elementary-aged children, children make the stories of the Bible their own and integrate the Episcopal Church's tradition through interesting engagement with scripture, participation in worship, and by reasoning with the natural questions that emerge when matters of faith and empirical minds come together. In the complicated integration of social, physiological, and intellectual changes that come with adolescence and young adulthood, Trinity's faith community provides a safe harbor and vital context for youth in our youth programs and in the integration of our youth into the larger community. Trinity takes our commitment to youth and families seriously, and we offer programs to nurture faith for parents, children, and youth.  Our programs are outlined in more detail below. Check our online calendar for dates and upcoming events for our youth and families.

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Children and Family Ministry 


Youth Ministry 

For more information on our youth ministry, please contact annalise@trinitymenlopark.org 
For more information on our children & family ministry, please contact the Church Office.