Lay Leadership

  Lay Leadership  
Trinity's governing board, called a Vestry in the Episcopal tradition, is composed of 12 people elected to terms of 3 years each by the congregation.  The Rector also sits on the Vestry and acts as its President.  Each year, the Vestry elects a Junior Warden, Clerk and Treasurer and the Rector appoints a Senior Warden.  We are consistently blessed with wonderful leaders who offer themselves for this ministry on behalf of the people of Trinity.

Vestry Officers

Senior Warden: Kristin Geiser  (Vestry term expires in January, 2021)*

Junior Warden: Josie Gaillard (Vestry term expires in January, 2020)* 

Treasurer: Chase Dearborn (Chase is not a member of the Vestry)

Assistant Treasurers: Nancy Walsworth, Robert Sage (Not members of the Vestry)

Clerk:  Elaine Johnson

Vestry Members
The Rev. Matthew R. Dutton-Gillett, Rector (Serves as President of the Vestry during tenure as Rector)*

Allison Burzio-Aagaard (Term expires January, 2020)
DeeDee Dickey (Term expires January, 2020)
Nydia MacGregor (Term expires January, 2020)

Steve Andrew (Term expires January, 2021)*
Nancy Grove (Term expries January, 2021)*
Davis White (Term expires January, 2021)

Dan Cooper (Term expires January, 2022)
Clarisa Odell (Term expires January, 2022)
Meg Rorden (Term expires January, 2022)
Rhonda Smith (Term expires January, 2022)

*Indicates member of the Executive Committee