Lay Leadership

  Lay Leadership  
Trinity's governing board, called a Vestry in the Episcopal tradition, is composed of 12 people elected to terms of 3 years each by the congregation.  The Rector also sits on the Vestry and acts as its President.  Each year, the Vestry elects a Junior Warden, Clerk and Treasurer and the Rector appoints a Senior Warden.  We are consistently blessed with wonderful leaders who offer themselves for this ministry on behalf of the people of Trinity.

Vestry Officers

Senior Warden: Leigh Flesher (Vestry term expires, January 2023)*

Junior Warden: Rhonda Smith(Vestry term expires in January 2022)* 

Treasurer: Chase Dearborn (Chase is not a member of the Vestry)

Assistant Treasurers: Nancy Walsworth, Robert Sage (Not members of the Vestry)

Clerk:  Elaine Johnson

Vestry Members

Dan Cooper (Term expires January 2022)
Clarisa Odell (Term expires January 2022)
Meg Rorden (Term expires January 2022)
Rhonda Smith (Term expires January 2022)

Peter MacDonald (Term expires January 2023)
Barbara Newton (Term expires January 2023)
Mary Pless (Term expires January 2023)

Bruce Deal (Term expires January 2024)
Christy Heaton (Term expires January 2024)*
Jackie Macdonald (Term expires January 2024)*
Larry Sweeney (Term expires January 2024)

*Indicates member of the Executive Committee