Spiritual Formation at Trinity

  Spiritual Formation at Trinity  
Trinity's Spiritual Formation Program

Spaces of Exploration, Practice, and Belonging for All People

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But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy.
                                                      -- James 3:17


Trinity's Spiritual Formation Program for adults  seeks to create "spaces" to which all are welcome with an open spirit.   Some of these spaces are aimed at providing people the opportunity for specifically Christian formation within the context of The Episcopal Church.  Some of these spaces are more open, in the sense of inviting an exploration of the spiritual life even in the absence of a specifically Christian or Episcopal commitment.  All of our classes and conversations are informed by the Nine Aspirations of Spiritual Formation, which you will find at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please
be in touch with the Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle.

Spiritual Formation "Spaces"

The Sunday Sessions
For the past few years, we have been offering Sunday Sessions to provide opportunites for learning and spiritual growth.  These have included lunch, and have taken place after church.  

Other Opportunities for Meditation, Sacred Movement, and Prayer
The Trinity community offers different opportunities each week, outside of Sundays, for meditation and other spiritual exercises.
Information about those offerings is found here.


Nine Aspirations of a Spiritual Life 

These nine aspirations have been borrowed, in a modified form, from the Community of the Mystic Heart, an interspiritual group of contemplative practitioners.   They suggest what we aspire to as we move along a path of inner spiritual development.
1.   To actualize and live according to my full moral and ethical capacity 
2.   To live in solidarity with the cosmos and all living beings
3.   To live in non-violence
4.   To live in humility and to remember those who assisted me on my spiritual path
5.   To embrace a daily spiritual practice
6.   To cultivate mature self-knowledge
7.   To live a life of simplicity
8.   To live a life of service and compassionate action
9.   To work for justice, peace, and healing of the world, including the environment
It is important to see these aspirations as suggestions meant to shape our path rather than as requirements imposed from outside.  We encourage you to reflect on these aspirations and consider how they might apply to your life and situation.  It is to be expected that people will interpret them and live them out somewhat differently.


Class Recordings

Below you will find recordings of talks from some of our classes.  The library currently contains talks from our 2011-2012 and  2012-2013 seasons.  Please note that the James Alision series has not been recorded due to the format of those classes.

Click HERE for recordings of the 2015-2016 Series, "Descent of the Heart"

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Sermon on the Mount Session 2
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Sermon on the Mount Session 1
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Generous Christianity, Session 6
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 
The Kingdom of God is Within 

Generous Christianity, Session 5
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 
Christianity & Other Religions 

Generous Christianity, Session 4
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 
Science and Religion 

Generous Christianity, Session 3
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 
What to Do About the Creeds? 

Generous Christianity, Session 2
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 
Priority of the Gospels 

Generous Christianity, Session 1
The Experience of Christ 

Hidden Power of Gospels, Pt 5
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Hidden Power of Gospels, Pt 4
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Hidden Power of Gospels, Pt 3
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Notes on Mark's Gospel

Notes on Matthew's Gospel

Hidden Power of Gospels, Pt 2
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Hidden Power of Gospels Pt 1
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Speaking Christian Class, Part 5
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Speaking Christian Class, Part 4
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Speaking Christian Class, Part 1
Matthew Dutton-Gillett