The Rector's Class

  The Rector's Class  
Part of Trinity's Spiritual Formation Program
Fall, 2017 through Spring, 2018
This year's class takes a different approach from previous years.  Instead of focusing on theme over the course of the whole program year, we will divide the year into four sections.

Aligning with Trinity's 2017-2018 theme of Interfaith Harmony, we will begin by examining the relationship between Christianity and other religious traditions on the level of theology.  We will look at popular notions of religious pluralism, historic Christian perspectives on other religions, and explore how we can come to a place where we are able to hold our Christian faith deeply while also remaining open to the way in which other traditions approach the divine.  Our guide for this exploration will be the writing of Paul F. Knitter, a noted Christian theologian in this area.  

We will then shift gears a bit, by taking a look at that uniquely Christian contribution to religous thought:  the undersanding of God as Trinity.  We will be using Richard Rohr's book, The Divine Dance, to rexamine this mystery and to re-engage with it as part of our own spiritual journey.

In January, the Rector's Class will be led by a special guest, Tarek Mourad, who will guide us through four sessions on Discovering Islam, returning to this year's interfaith theme.   Finally, we will conclude the program year with a Bible study of sorts, looking at Job and the Mystery of Suffering guided by Richard Rohr's book of the same name.  

As always, classes are offered in two sessions:  Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings, so you can choose the one that works best in your schedule.  Classes are also recorded and uploaded to this site so you can listen to them.   The schedule of the year is offered below.

These classses are part of our Adult Formation Program.  Click HERE to learn more.     

Class Schedule for 2017-2018

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Please note that Monday classes meet in the Evening at 7 PM until 8:15 pm in the Library, and Wednesday classes meet in the Morning at 10:30 am until 11:45 am in the Library in Trinty Hall.  Choose the day and time that works best for you -- Wednesday repeats the content of the Monday session that precedes it.   Recordings of the Wednesday morning class sessions will be uploaded to this site weekly for listening, and will be found by scrolling down.

Schedule for the Second Semester, Spring 2018

February 12 & 14 -- Job & Suffering:  A Story of Conversion and What to Do About Evil

February 26 & 28 -- Job & Suffering: An Eye-Opener on Prayer

March 5 & 7 -- Job & Suffering: Job and Friends Joust for God

March 12 & 14 -- Job & Suffering: Truth is the Best Ally of God

March 19 & 21 -- Job & Suffering:  Job's Long Leap of Faith

March 26 & 28 -- Job & Suffering: Darn It, I'm a Human Being


April 23 & 25 -- Job & Suffering:  God's Angle on Evil

May 7 & 9 -- Job & Suffering: Out of the Shadow of God's Light


Class Recordings

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Class on Mysticism 01
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 02
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 03
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 04
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 05
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 06
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 07
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 08
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 09
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 10
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 11
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 12
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 13
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 14
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 15
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 16
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 17

Descent of the Heart 01
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 02
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 03
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 04
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 05
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 06
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 07
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 08
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 09
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 10
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 11
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 12
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 13
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

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