The Rector's Class

  The Rector's Class  
Part of Trinity's Spiritual Formation Program
This year, the theme of the Rector's Class will be Wisdom, Peace, and Transformation.  It is inspired by Trinity's overall theme for the year,  Strengthening Community: Building Up the Body of Christ.    Part of building up the Body of Christ is allowing God to transform our hearts, minds, and spirits so that we may be people rooted in wisdom, dedicated to peace, and participants in God's on-going dream of transforming our world in love.

For the Fall semester,  we will be looking at  the thought of Raimon Panikkar.   Panikkar was born in 1918 and lived and studied in Spain, Germany, Italy, India, and the United States.  He was ordained as a Catholic priest and taught in Europe, Asia, and North America, including Harvard University and the University of California at Sant Barbara. At the time of his death in 2010, he was considered one of the world’s leading proponents of interreligious dialogue. He was as intimately familiar with the Hindu and Buddhist traditions as he was with the Christian tradition.
We will be looking at Panikkar’s thought in two areas:  wisdom and peace.  Our resources will be Pankkar’s books, A Dwelling Place for Wisdom and Cultural Disarmament.   Panikkar’s work is very much about reaching across one of the most difficult boundaries there is – the religious boundary.  And amid the many crises and perils of the present time, there is an urgent need to cross such boundaries, so that we may make space for wisdom to shine in all its splendor through the many prisms which refract it, and so that we may work for peace and healing in a tumultuous and broken world.   

The Spring Semester, which begins in mid-January, will be working with Alexander Shia's book, Heart and Mind:  The Four-Fold Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation.   Bishop Marc says of this book, "In 'Heart and Mind', Dr. Shaia gives us back our central sacred texts -- the four gospels -- not as conflicted and faulty historical records, but as a vibrant, luminous path for transformation.  He reveals the 'Four-Gospel Journey' as a living guide (for Christians and seekers alike), re-centering human life on wisdom, compassion and service, rooted in a m ysterical relationship with Christ.

Please note that the Spring, 2019 class schedule will be published at a later time, but the Spring Semester will begin the week of January 13.

As always, classes are offered in two sessions:  Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings, so you can choose the one that works best in your schedule.  Classes are also recorded and uploaded to this site so you can listen to them.   The schedule of the year is offered below.

These classses are part of our Adult Formation Program.  Click HERE to learn more.     

Class Schedule

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Please note that Monday classes meet in the Evening at 7 PM until 8:15 pm in the Library, and Wednesday classes meet in the Morning at 10:30 am until 11:45 am in the Library in Trinty Hall.  Choose the day and time that works best for you -- Wednesday repeats the content of the Monday session that precedes it.   Recordings of the Wednesday morning class sessions will be uploaded to this site weekly for listening, and will be found by scrolling down.

Schedule for the First Semester, Fall 2018

Sept 24/26       Intro to Panikkar
Oct 1/3            Preparing a Dwelling Place for Wisdom
Oct. 8/10         The Fourfold Nature of Humanity
Oct 15/17        Philosophy as Life-style
Oct 22/24  BREAK
Oct 29/31        Trisangam:  Jordan, Tiber, and Ganges (1)
Nov 5/7           Trisangam:  Jordan, Tiber, and Ganges (2)
Nov 12/14       Questions and Answers
Nov 19/21  BREAK
Nov 26/28       Preliminaries on Peace
Dec 3/5           The Religious Dimension of Political Peace
Dec 10/12       Cultural Disarmament as Peace’s Requirement


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Class on Mysticism 01
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 02
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Class on Mysticism 03
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Class on Mysticism 04
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 05
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Class on Mysticism 06
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Class on Mysticism 07
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Class on Mysticism 08
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Class on Mysticism 09
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Class on Mysticism 10
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Class on Mysticism 11
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 12
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 13
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 14
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Class on Mysticism 15
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Class on Mysticism 16
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Class on Mysticism 17

Descent of the Heart 01
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 02
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 03
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 04
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 05
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 06
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 07
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 08
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 09
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 10
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 11
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 12
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

Descent of the Heart 13
Matthew Dutton-Gillett 

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