Stephen Ministries

  Stephen Ministries  

What is Stephen Ministries?
Stephen Ministries is a one-on-one pastoral care program. It trains members of the congregation to offer ongoing pastoral care to individuals in the midst of transition, change, or life hardship. Stephen Ministers are weekly prayer partners to those they minister too. Stephen Ministies work with the clergy to provide long term pastoral care and comfort to our community. 


What do Stephen Ministers do?
- Listen
- Pray- Explore feelings
- Share Christ's love
- Maintain confid


Who do Stephen Ministers support?

- those grieving the loss of a loved one
- terminally ill people and their families
- those who are homebound
- those who are hospitilized
- those exepreincing birth or adoption
- those in job crisis
- people facing major life transitions
- the aging and elderly
- those who are lonely
- those with a chronic illness or disability
- those who are seperated or divorced
- all others who need a prayer partner and supportive presence in their life.

I'm interested in being a Stephen Minister!
Wonderful! Please be in touch with our Stephen Leaders: Sally Mancini or the Rev. Elizabeth Riley to start the application process. Stephen Ministers go through a 50 hour training and ongoing supervision and continue education while serving as a minister. 

I'm interested in being supported by and partnered with a Stephen Minister!
Wonderful! We encourage all members of our congregation and community to consider whether a Stephen Minister might be helpful in their lives. Please be in touch with 
our clergy: the Rev. Elizabeth Riley or the Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett to learn more.