Flower Guild

  Flower Guild  
Altar Flowers at Trinity Depend on Congregation Gifts
The Flower Guild is not supported by the church budget,  and so Altar Flowers at Trinity depend on donations from church members given when they sponsor flowers on a particular Sunday.  ”Gifts of Flowers” each Sunday commemorate gratitude, honor a loved one, a birth, events, anniversaries, memorials, and/or or other celebrations. It is a lovely way to remember a loved one and gives pleasure to all. 
When flowers are given, the giver’s name and occasion are included in the weekly Sunday “Trinity News” and the commemoration for which they are given is rememberd in the Prayers of the People during that Sunday's services.
Following Sunday services, enjoyment of Trinity’s flowers continues when they are taken to a Menlo Park nonprofit, “Random Acts of Flowers,” whose delighted volunteers create new, smaller arrangements and deliver to people in hospital and care facilities—who receive a gift of flowers, frequently for the first time.


Trinity Flower Guild is comprised of members of the church who volunteer to select and arrange flowers, or plants, for Sunday services on an ongoing basis.  The Flower Guild welcomes and will train new members. Please email the flower guild if you are interested in joining this ministry.

If you are a member of the flower guild, click here
for contact information and arranging schedules.