Pastoral Care

  Pastoral Care  

We believe that pastoral care is something that we do in community for one another. Many people from our congregation bring their gifts and talents to work with the clergy to create our pastoral care team. Together, we strive to care for our community and encourage the entire community to engage in caring for each other. 


Initial pastoral care concerns should be directed to our clergy, either through their individual contact information or through our pastoral care emergency phone line.


The Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett, Rector



The Rev. Elizabeth Riley, Associate Rector



Pastoral Care Emergency Phone: 650-326-8591  (for members of the Trinity community only)

This number connects to one of our clergy members at all times, either directly or by voicemail.   If you do receive a voicemail response, leave a message and the clergy on call will respond promptly to requests from members of the Trinity community.


Lay Pastoral Care Programs and Support

Friendship Visitors: 
Our friendship visitors are trained pastoral care providers who show support for our parishioners during long or short periods of isolation. Members of this group will visit occasionally, bringing greetings from the congregation, and serving as a point of connection when congregant are unable to be more active with us. Friendship visitors may also provides rides to church or other forms of hospitality. If you would like a friendship visit, or more information about our program, please contact a member of the clergy.


Eucharistic Visitors: We want all members of our community to have communion available to them when they are not able to come to church due to illness or injury. Lay members of our community and the clergy provide weekly Eucharistic visits for those who are homebound, hospitalized, or otherwise incapable of coming to our services. If you are interested in a Eucharistic Visitor (or would like to be trained for this ministry), please contact  any member of the clergy. 

Lay Chaplains: Our lay chaplains are highly trained in pastoral care for ongoing support through periods of transition. Lay chaplains meet weekly with their parishioner, to be a prayer partner through various life stages: divorce, caregiving, grief, birth, or other major life events that benefit from
continuous care. If you are interested in being partnered with a lay chaplain, please contact a member of the clergy.

Parish Nurse: Violet Lyon is our Parish Nurse and is available to all parishioners who need assistance in finding care givers, scheduling home visits, blood pressure checks or any other need within the scope of practice—even just offering a listening ear. The service is ongoing and a phone call is all that’s needed directly (650-328-2472) or through the Church Office or the clergy, even if you just need a listening ear. The Parish Nurse has completed training as a Friendship Visitor, Lay Chaplain, and a Lay Eucharistic Minister.



Prayer Circle: Our prayer circle is made up of clergy and lay people who intentionally pray for those who need prayer in our community. They also manage the prayer list that is read on Sunday mornings and published in the weekly church news. If you or someone you know would like to be added to the prayer list please email or call any member of the clergy. To learn more about the prayer circle click here.


Prayer Shawls: A dedicated group of knitters in the Trinity community knit prayer shawls filled with prayers. These shawls are blessed in our liturgies to go to individuals who are in need of comfort and solace, as well as celebration and joy. If you are or someone you know would benefit from a shawl, please contact any member of the clergy. To learn more about our prayer shawl ministry click here.


Ride Shares: If you want to come to church but are unable to drive, please contact Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett or the Trinity Office and someone will try and pair you with another member to help get you to and from our worship services.