Funerals and Memorials

  Funerals and Memorials  

A funeral or memorial service provides space for mourning, for celebrating the life of the departed, and for proclaiming the hope of resurrection promised to us through Christ. To discuss a memorial service, funeral, or interment service, please contact The Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle. Our clergy are avaliable for grief couseling if needed. Our music director and organist, Ron Valentino, will arrange music for a service upon request. 

Spaces avaible for services:
Sanctuary (capacity: 300)
Our church sanctuary is a traditional Christian worship space with an organ and piano.

Chapel (capacity: 40)
Our chapel is a small and beautiful space with a labryinth floor and stained glass window. A piano and sound system are avaliable for music.

Memorial Garden
Our beautiful memorial garden is located in the Trinity Courtyard. It is avaliable for the interment of ashes. Please contact our
clergy for more information. 

Our campus also has spaces where receptions may be held following a funeral or memorial service.  We are not able to provide a reception, but we will be happy to refer you to a caterer, and chairs/tables are available to use.