Belonging at Trinity

  Belonging at Trinity  

The first step in one's spiritual journey at Trinity is simply to begin the journey of belonging in whatever way that makes sense to you.   We have several ways that individuals, couples, and families can choose make that journey of belonging with us, based on what they are most comfortable with and what makes the most sense for them or their families. We encourage all people, whether visitors, explorers, friends, or members, to feel welcome to fully participate in our community life.   In the end, the disctinctions outlined below describe different aspects of the same desire to belong, whether temporarily or in a more permanent way.  In practice, these distinctions are not observable within the life of our community.  Everyone who is here belongs -- and that's all that matters.

For more information about membership, please contact the
Church Office.

Belonging Catagories

Explorer –
You may not be ready to make the commitment of membership at this time, but you continue to be interested in exploring what the Trinity community has to offer and whether this community might be the right place for you.


Friend on the Journey – You have come to believe that Trinity has something important to offer you on your spiritual journey, and have decided to journey with us for a while, but are not ready to make a commitment to full membership.  As you journey with us, we ask you to consider supporting the congregation with your time, talents and treasure, as you are able.


Member – You are ready to make a commitment to have Trinity as your faith community.  If you decide to become a member of Trinity, we as a church, commit to support you through worship, prayer, programs, and fellowship.  We ask that you share with Trinity, according to your circumstances, your time, talent and treasure.