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  Community Area  

Welcome to the Community Area of the Trinty website.  This area is intended for those who are already a part of the life of Trinity, and is meant primarily to be a place to invite input and feedback from the congregation.

Below, you will find links that allow you to make suggestions (which you may sign your name to, or provide anonymously) or provide other feedback.  Please note that feedback will be reviewed by the clergy and then shared with other leadership as appropriate.  You will also find links to the results of the 2015 Church Assessment Survey and, if you weren't able to attend the Church Supper this past June 7, you will have an opportunity to answer the same questions that those who attended the supper answered, and share those with the Vestry.


Suggestions and Other Feedback

At Trinity, we want everyone to feel that s/he has a voice, and this page is designed to empower those voices!  Please click on the Suggestion Box below to pass along any ideas or feedback you want to share.  And thank you!



Survey Conversation Online Tool

On June 7, 2015, the congregation gathered for a Church Supper and Conversation about the results of the Church Assessment Survey conducted this past Lent.  If you did not have a chance to participate in that conversation, we have provided an online tool to help you do that!  By clicking on the link below, you can ask questions about the survey, and answer the same questions that everyone at the church supper had the opportunity to answer.  If you want to review the survey results, continue on to the next section of this page.


To add your "stone to the pyramid" and 
participate in the Survey Conversation online,
click on the image above.


Survey Results

Below, you will find links to the reports and other material related to the Church Assessment Survey conducted in Lent, 2015.  If you like, you can simply read the summary of the results and the summary of the Vestry's reflection on those results (the center link below).  For those who want to go deeper, you can read the entire report (the link on the left below).  

There were two questions in the survey that allowed people to give written comments:  "What two things does Trinity do best?"  and "What are two things Trinity could do better?"   There were 106 comments made in response to the first of these questions and 102 in response to the second.  The clergy and Vestry have reviewed all of these comments, and we will be taking them into account in our planning and in our efforts to strengthen our ministry at Trinity.   We have elected not to share these comments with the congregation for two reasons:  first, even though the comments were made anonymously, we believe that most survey takers wrote those comments with an expectation that they would not be shared beyond the leadership;  and second, we want to be as pastorally sensitive as possible to those areas of ministry (and the  lay ministers and staff who work in those areas) that were commented upon.   What we have provided in the third link below (on the right) is a summary of the types of comments that were made, and the number of times each type of comment was made. 

While the survey reveals a rather cohesive congregation in terms of our thinking about a great many things, we want to be clear that Trinity is a community that includes a variety of points of view about faith and life.   And that is to be celebrated.  If, in examing these survey results, you find that your point of view doesn't necessarily match "the majority", we hope that you won't be unsettled by that.  Trinity is committed to welcoming everyone, and we strive to make a place where everyone can belong.

Please note that this is the beginning of a process of discussion and planning.  There will be more opportunities for you to get involved in that process once it begins in earnest in the Fall.



Click Above to See Entire Report       

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