Stewardship 2018: The Gift of Trinity

  Stewardship 2018: The Gift of Trinity  

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An Invitation to the Stewardship Campaign

In St. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians, he writes, “You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God through us; for the rendering of this ministry not only supplies the needs of the saints but also overflows with many thanksgivings to God.” Then, just a couple verses later, he writes, “Thanks be to God for God’s indescribable gift!”   

In his own way, St. Paul is talking about the way our lives change when we learn to see them as God’s gift to us, and Paul is quite convinced that seeing our lives in this way is a direct outcome of participation in the life of the church. For us, of course, that church is Trinity, and for me, the life that we share at Trinity is absolutely an indescribable gift worthy of our thankfulness. This community opens eyes, changes lives, and offers a refuge for exploring what our lives mean. It is a place where our participation truly allows us to begin to see what a gift it is simply to be alive, in this time and in this place – and to live a part of our life as part of the Trinity family.

To receive our lives as a gift doesn’t mean that we like everything that happens in them. It doesn’t mean that suffering is good, it doesn’t mean that we give thanks when others wound us. The gift does not lie in the sinful places. Rather, the gift lies in the very fact of life itself, and in the potential that each of our lives holds to become a gift to others and to the larger world. It lies in the spaces where the sinful places are redeemed through a love rooted in what is just and good.

Trinity is here to help each of us become a gift to the larger world. Trinity is here to remind us that God is present in the very fabric of our lives. Trinity is here to support us through the hard times, to rejoice with us when we are exultant, and in every moment in between. It is one of God’s indescribable gifts to us. 

But Trinity does not exist solely on the basis of God’s grace! It exists also because we are able to see this community for the gift that it is, to us and to others, and part of our thanksgiving for that gift is to offer Trinity the support that it needs to continue to open eyes, change lives, and offer a refuge in a tumultuous world.

The vast majority of our financial support comes from the pledges that you make, and so your support is crucial to our continuing mission. I hope you will take some time to look over the information presented below, and to prayerfully discern what gift you will make to Trinity in 2018. 


As you do that, I hope you will remember what an indescribable gift of God Trinity is to all of us.  Let us, with St. Paul, recognize how this faith community enriches each one of us, and be thankful.

Peace and blessings,

The Rev. Matthew R. Dutton-Gillett, Rector


Pledge Sunday is November 12th.  Please pledge online or send or bring your pledge card to Trinity by that date.


Testimonials from the congregation:

"We give to Trinity church because it is our home, and we have found that homes function better with funding. We get fed there, literally and figuratively. We hang out and play music there. We seek solace there. We celebrate there. We have Family there. When we are having trouble or need advice, Matthew or Elizabeth, Patrick, or frankly Ron Valentino are there to talk it out, to give suggestions and support. We can shout, “hallelujah!” and have. We can cry in our pew, and have done that, too. We have people who check in with us, and who we check in on. How’s the kid? How is your cough? How is your mom? We haven’t seen you in a bit; are you ok? Also, Trinity gets us to do things that we should do at home, but which we don’t tend to have the time or gumption to do ourselves. Things like giving to the needy, helping the homeless. Standing on street corners supporting not hate, but love. Educating people about global issues. Or perhaps things we didn’t think needed doing, like giving rides or job advice. We give to Trinity because of how sadly selfish our lives would be without it." - Nydia & Nat

"We support Trinity because Trinity support us.  From Godly Play to Youth Group, our two boys were provided a wonderful spiritual foundation that continues to serve them well.  Outreach has provided us a mechansim to give back and help support our broader community in extraordinary ways.  The worship service coupled with the wonderful Trinity parish community has provided us a place to find the love, peace and serenity we seek in our daily lives.  This is why we continue to support Trinity" - Bill & Clarisa


"How I spend my money and my time matter just as much, if not more, as how I vote or what I believe. The process of yearly pledging was new to me, as it might be for you, but it was a great opportunity to think about what I value and what I want my money to support. One of those things is relationships: I value my relationship with God and building relationships with others from different ages and life stages. I value that Trinity has an active and ongoing relationship with many community organizations like Redwood Family House, Catherine's Center, and LifeMoves. As a newlywed, my spouse and I want to create a habit of open and honest financial conversations. I felt some unease broaching the stewardship subject, but our discussion was fruitful and helped us both learn about how we as individuals and as a couple want our time and money to support our values. I am grateful to give back financially to the Trinity community that has given much to me." - Sarah


"We’ve been at Trinity almost 25 years. We’re both still somewhere on the journey. But we don’t travel alone.  We travel with a family we chose, and who we know will stick it out with us.  In a sense we have all cast our lot together, trying to be our best selves in a world where that’s neither easy nor often validated.  We like the idea that church is a bit counter-cultural these days, a safe haven in which to ponder our relationship with God in a region where success and influence are the normative metrics.  And we value beyond words the intellectual rigor and emotional honesty of our clergy. It’s a safe place to push the emotional envelope, trying new experiences to discern their impact on our souls.  For us this has ranged from book group facilitation to the jail ministry, from Breaking Bread to Catherine’s Center to small groups.  We each have had wonderful experiences serving on Vestry.  And then there’s the fun stuff, like cooking corn mush on an open fire in the courtyard for GAIA, or a “Mr. MacGregor chasing Peter Rabbit” skit up at the altar, the purpose of which is long-forgotten. We’re in pretty deep with our beloved Trinity, and we wouldn’t have it any other way." - Bill & Nancy



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“Thanks be to God for God’s indescribable gift!.”

~ 2 Corinthains 9:15

Average Pledge in 2017:  $4,312
Average Pledge in 2017 (excluding the top 20 households): $2,323