While We're Apart

  While We're Apart  

While we are unable to be together in person as a community, this page provides a place to land to see the most recent community announcements and to find useful links that will help us to nurture our faith and our sense of connection during this time.  As we continue to navigate this season of Covid-19 and social distance, we can continue to hold one another in prayer, to reach out online and by phone, and help each other as we are able.

Please note that all church meetings and activities on campus are cancelled through April 5.  Some meetings will be held virtually, and participants will receive information from their group leadership about that.   

UPDATE (3/17/2020):  Due to the shelter in place order from the San Mateo County Health Department currently in effect until April 7, the Campus is now closed to all groups.  Most 12-step groups that normally meet on our campus has moved to video meetings.  
More information on those is available here.   This means that our offices are now closed, and staff will be working from home.  Since Rev. Matthew lives on campus, he will be looking after the campus during this time.   Although we are closed, the worship livestream will continue, as staff members who live away from the campus are permitted to come in for the service.   Clergy and staff will continue to have access to voice mails left on their church extensions during this time.

Staying Connected


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Worship During This Time: Sundays & Weekdays

UPDATE (3/18/2020):  The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California has extended the suspension of public worship in our churches until May 10.   During this time, we will continue to provide online services as described below.

While we cannot gather at church for Sunday services, we can gather online.  The clergy will provide a live-streamed service every Sunday morning at 10 am from the Chapel.   In addition, we will provide some worship opportunities during the week, including a recorded Wednesday Noon Healing Prayer Service.  Links for these are found below.


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Virtual Coffee Hour

We will be offering a Virtual Coffee Hour on Sundays at 3 pm via the Zoom platform.  This is just a chance for people to connect with each other.  We are allowed to have up to 100 people in a Zoom session, so this will be quite an adventure to see how we can connect with one another.   It might get a little crazy, but it could be a lot of fun, so we will see how it goes!

To log into the Virtual Coffee Hour, please click this link:  

You may also join the Virtual Coffee Hour by phone by calling  669 900 9128 and entering Meeting ID 548 517 029.



Lenten Series


Rev. Aaron will continue to lead our Lent Series on Sundays at 11 am using Zoom, an online interactive platform.

Topic: Lenten Series - Signs of Life
Time: 11:00 am on Sundays:
March 22 - Shelter - 
watch this video before the class
March 29 - Community - watch this video before the class

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Youth and Children

Since Godly Play and Youth Group are unable to meet through May 3rd currently, we are working on ways to keep them connected to each other and to the church during this time.   Rev. Aaron will continue to include links to video presentations of the Godly Play stories each Sunday, along with other helpful ways for parents to help their children connect to Christian formation. Our
Faith @ Home page provides a growing list of links and resources for families and households so that they can practice their faith and serve others - even from home.  

Our youth are invited to gather for a virtual Youth Group meeting on Sunday, March 22, at 5 pm.  We will be using Zoom as our platform for this, and parents will receive an email with details about how their youth may log in.


Pastoral Care:  Supporting One Another

As we navigate this time, our Pastoral Care Team is ready to help coordinate support for those in the Trinity community who might be in need of it.  This includes things like needing groceries or prescriptions to be picked up, or needing to talk to someone on the phone.  Our Team will receive requests through Rev. Matthew or Rev. Aaron and determine how best we can respond to them.    While we are in the process of identifying and reaching out to those in our community whom we feel might be more vulnerable or isolated, we encourage everyone to reach out to friends or others about whom they might be concerned.


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Others In Our Community

Click Here for a Resource Passed Onto Us for Grocery Delivery
for those 65 and over


Other Virtual Connections

We will also be looking at creating other virtual gatherings for people to share in.  These could include virtual video conference-like check-ins among Bell Choir and Choir members, for example, as well as other groups.  We might even experiment with a virtual coffee hour.   All of these plans are under discussion, and feel free to share with us your own ideas for connecting during this time.

Helping in Menlo Park and the Larger Community

Most Recent Letter from the Mayor of Menlo Park to the Community

Supporting Our Medical Professionals
There is a growing need for and interest in donating needed supplies, particularly masks, for those working on the front lines of this pandemic within our community.
  Please click here to access a list created by KQED of ways to donate and support our medical professionals during this time.  The site is quite extensive, listing places in the Bay Area where donations can be dropped off but, further down the page, also offering online sites where monetary donations can be made.   There are also these guidelines for making donations directly to Kaiser's Redwood City Medical Center.

San Mateo County Volunteers
The San Mateo County Health Officer recently referred the public to this link for those who are interested in volunteering to help in our community during this time.

Menlo Park MP Ready Program
There are ways that you can help others in our area, beyond the Trinity congregation.  One way is to become part of MP Ready, a new organization with a tentative name that is seeking to recruit Block Preparedness Coordinators to help connect with neighbors in times of crisis.


Click Here to Learn More about the Program

Click Here For the ToolKit for Block Preparedness Coordinators

Click Here to Contact Lynn Bramlett to Volunteer

Click Here for an InMenlo Article on Ways to Help, including MP Ready