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Caring During Covid - Join us!

Season of Gleaning

Tuesdays @ Trinity

In this time of pandemic and economic crisis, the people of Trinity and the wider community are invited to take action in support of our hungry neighbors.

Everyone – adult and youth, singles and families, gardeners, and apartment dwellers – is invited to glean every corner of your orchard, garden, pantry, and pocketbook. Deliver your gleanings to the church parking lot on Tuesdays from 8:00 am to noon and the team will distribute to our local food partners. 
What can I bring?

  • Fruit from your trees, or those of your neighbors
  • Bounty from your or your neighbors’ garden
  • Unexpired, non-perishable food items (wish list items only please)

What can I do?

So, let’s come together to help our whole community feed the hungry.  Know that on your behalf the Care & Justice Commission has already donated $5,000 to the
Ecumenical Hunger Program and $1,500 to World Central Kitchen, which feeds those in crisis around the country, at our borders and around the world. 

Questions?  email


Prayers for Essential Workers

Care & Justice invites each Trinity household to create a sign offering a thanksgiving prayer and a prayer for the safety of all essential workers.  This includes not just the visible heroes, such as first responders and medical staff, but all of the people behind the scenes working to keep us alive and safe: hospital cleaners, delivery people, trash collectors, etc.  Feel free to use this pdf with our Trinity logo, using your own words and materials from home to produce a sign visible from the street.  Take a photo when it's up and send it to so that we can compile them all as one community offering prayers for those in harm's way. 

Supporting Relief Organizations 

The Care and Justice Commission will be providing financial aid to help the victims of the health and economic crisis, both locally and globally.  We invite the people of Trinity to join us in supporting these organizations.

World Central Kitchen
World Central Kitchen are the "Food First Responders" when natural disasters strike around the globe. Their response to the Covid Crisis includes providing meals to needy families, putting restaurants back to work, and feeding frontline healthcare workers in hot spots around the US. They are seeking both financial and volunteer assistance.

Shelter-in-Place has forced Trinity's partner Home and Hope to move its guest families from transitional housing on church campuses to local motels. They are seeking donations to support unbudgeted expenses of $1000 per week per family.

Care & Justice recently renewed Trinity's annual commitment to GAIA, which is uniquely poised to address COVID-19 with its mobile clinics and nursing program in Malawi.  

The mission of Trinity's Care and Justice Commission is to meet the needs of our neighbors, both locally and globally. We do this by offering our time, talent, and resources to reflect God's care and God's heart for justice in all that we do.

The Commission is chaired by 
Timi Most. Please contact her for information about upcoming meetings and how you can get involved!


Partners & Programs

in 2017 Trinity launched a jail ministry program working with CIC Ministries (Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy of Santa Clara County) at the Elmwood Correctional Facility in Milpitas. On the third Sunday of the month our team offers a prayer service for women detained at Elmwood.  The Care & Justice Commission recently donated 100 copies of "Hear My Voice, a Prison Prayerbook" for women inmates to use and "earn."  If you are interested in joining our team please contact the Trinity office to be put in touch with the current team lead.

Our commitment to care and justice extends to our planet, "this fragile Earth, our island home."  Trinity sponsors lectures and hands-on events for our members and the community around the theme of "six steps to solving climate change."  We incorporate creation care themes into our worship, and participate, along with churches across the U.S., in a carbon calculator project that demonstrates the impact people of faith can have in reducing carbon emissions.  More information here; contact Nancy Grove or Josie Gaillard to get involved.

A series of community conferences hosted by Trinity to provide education and opportunities for action to correct systematic injustices in our local community.


For two weeks each summer, Trinity Church hosts a Home and Hope shelter. The congregation provides volunteers to support this event and the mission of Home and Hope: to provide a safe haven for homeless families while helping them to regain long term self sufficiency and raise community consciousness on the issue of homelessness by actively engaging volunteers. For more information please contact Jim Bramlett or Barbara Newton

Trinity partners with Ecumenical Hunger Program every year.  As each school year begins, we provide resources to help families served by EHP, enabling parents to shop for their children's back-to-school supplies.  At Christmas time we partner with EHP through their Family Sharing Program by providing new gifts and gift cards for families in need, making sure that these families have a joyful Christmas to share with one another.  For more information contact Timi Most.  

The the San Francisco 49ers Academy, Trinity provides support to students and their families that live in our community.   Trinity is supporting the goal of keeping these student safe, on-track academically and in school.

The Trinity community has been a long-time supporter of GAIA, which provides basic health services in Malawi, targeting prevention, care, and support in communities affected by HIV, AIDS, TB and malaria.  Our latest efforts are highlighted here.  Contact Laurie Hunter to get involved.  

As needs arise Trinity's Care & Justice Commission authorizes grants towards disaster relief efforts both domestically and internationally.