Stewardship for 2022

  Stewardship for 2022  

Share the Joy of Trinity Through Bountiful Giving

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Financial Stewardship and making a regular financial contribution to your spiritual home is a fundamental way we acknowledge that everything we have, comes from God. By making a financial commitment we are not only making a donation but we are asking God to be the sovereign inspiration in all of our financial dealings.

As a congregation, Trinity Church is also called to be wise stewards of the finances that parishioners have entrusted to us. Our Stewardship Video details the ways we have been stewards not only of our finances but the well-being of our community.


2022 Trinity Stewardship FAQs

Q:     What is a pledge?
A:      A pledge is a promised level of financial support for Trinity’s annual operating expenses. Each year we prayerfully renew our commitment to each other and the ministries of Trinity with a stated intention of financial support.

Q:     Why is my annual pledge important?
A:      Pledged revenue historically has comprised approximately 82% of Trinity’s annual income.  Every pledge is critical to Trinity’s vitality and sustainability.

Q: Does Trinity live within its means?
A: Trinity works very hard to live within its available resources, and the projected operating budget for 2022 is balanced.  Most of Trinity’s expenses are related to human resources. Additional expenses for 2022 are likely to include costs related to regathering safely and the rector search.

Q: What is a structural deficit and how does it impact Trinity?
A: A structural deficit occurs when current year income does not match current year operating expenses. For many years, Trinity has relied on a portion of its annual endowment draw to make up the difference and achieve a balanced budget. In a perfect world, we would use 100% of the endowment draw for its intended purposes – for capital projects, new ministries, and outreach – and not for operating expenses.

Q: How much should I pledge and give?
A: We ask that you prayerfully consider making a meaningful pledge that is both responsible and significant based upon your financial situation. If your circumstances allow, please consider increasing your pledge.

Q: Why am I being asked to increase my pledge?
A: In order to reduce our reliance on endowment draws to achieve a balanced budget, our income from pledges must increase.  This needs to happen by increasing pledge participation to pre-pandemic levels, and by increasing pledge amounts.

Q: How do I make my pledge?
A: You may complete and return the enclosed pledge card, or you may make your pledge electronically at

Q: When and how do I fulfill my pledge?
A: You may fulfill your pledge weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Pledges are made on a calendar-year basis beginning January 1. You may also pre-pay your pledge before January 1, 2022; if you choose to do so, please designate that at the time of payment. Pledges can be fulfilled by cash, check, electronic transfers, and gifts of securities.
Please contact Trinity's Treasurer  ( for stock transfer instructions and for any questions you may have.

Q: Will funds that I donate to Trinity be secure and properly managed?
A:  Yes. Trinity’s Vestry, Finance Commission, and Treasurer are committed to safeguarding Trinity’s financial resources. Since last year, improved financial controls have been implemented, including enhanced disbursement and record-keeping measures to permit proper review and approval of all expenses. Each Vestry meeting includes a review of monthly financials by the Treasurer, and the Finance Commission has augmented its advisory role. A review of all financial accounts is conducted each year.
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Sharing the Joy of Trinity
Through Bountiful Giving

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