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The Rev. Frannie Hall Kieschnick

 Affiliated Clergy
 Email: revfhk@gmail.com

The Rev. Frannie Hall Kieschnick retired from the Trinity staff in June, 2012, to follow a calling to be a priest "in the world".  Frannie continues to follow her God-given passion for peace and justice; ecumenical, interfaith, and interspiritual work in a larger context.  She still considers Trinity to be her home church, but she is no longer a part of our day to day, week to week life.  She remains connected to us as Priest Associate, and will intersect with Trinity's life from time to time.  We give thanks for the ministry that Frannie exercised during her time at Trinity, and pray for her on-going work beyond the Trinity community.

Grace and Peace!
I have served as a priest in The Episcopal Church for  30 years, many of those years at Trinity.  I was here when my babies were babies and then returned after starting and serving an inclusive, informal, intergenerational service, affectionately called "Unplugged." It's still alive and well at St Mary the Virign in San Francisco. 

Here are just a few things about me.

I grew up under the halo of a church, All Saints by the Sea in Montecito. Heaven on earth. My father was rector. Before that he was chaplain at Stanford where he married couples who are still at Trinity whose children I have now married while wearing my father's stole! Although I loved the candles, the hymns and the stories in worship, I felt closer to God while walking by the ocean and protesting the war in Vietnam. So I left the church for many years. But then I witnessed the ferocious love of justice and prophetic faith of Bill Coffin at Yale and I was drawn to the God he loved and served and the vision of God's kingdom he preached. Like the prodigal child, I came to my senses and returned home.

I have always known that I wanted to help people. So for two weeks at Yale, I was premed. Not for me. But there was something about healing, hope, children, the most vulnerable, community, transformation and joy that sang to me. I became a dance therapist. Dance has always been therapy for me. But I approached my work and the people I worked with, from my faith in the One who is my way, my truth and my life. Who embodies the very love of God. When women were ordained priest in the Episcopal church, the way was shown to me. I was not one of those who created a path for others to follow. I walked the path that so many walked for so long to open up to women.
I attended the same seminary, the Episcopal Divinity School, as our beloved rector.

Whoever we are wherever we find ourselves on that journey, I beleive that we are called to live the good news that the behind us is greater than than the challenged ahead. And when we remember that we will remember that we have everything we need to speak both truth to power and hope to fear. And most of all, we have each other. To share the highs and lows and everything in between. That is why I love this Trinity family.


I have two wonderful children. Jordan teaches History in a public high school near Napa. He coaches crew and loves his dog, Bode, named after the skier. Which tells you what Jordie loves to do. Hannah graduated from Yale last year and now works in a two year fellowship program in a civil rights law firm in DC. She is learning to play squash!

My husband, Michael, is a political activist who runs a telephone and visa cardcompany called CREDO (of course) that has given away tens of millions to nonprofits working in the areas of the environment, women's rights, education and health. We love to play tennis and dance together. In my next life, I want to be on Dancing with the Stars! Our dog, Nevada, rounds out our family. She is aTibetan terrier with an old soul.