Our Staff


The Rev. Frannie Hall Kieschnick

 Priest Associate
 Email: revfhk@gmail.com

Frannie has served the Trinity community in several seasons over the course of the past 30 years, and in September, 2019, began a new season of ministry with our community as Priest Associate.  As a retired priest, Frannie is not a compensated staff member but has an official relationship with the congregation in which she presides regularly at services, preaches several times a year, and is involved with helping us discern the shape of women's ministry in the congregation as well as justice ministry, which is one of her great passons.  Here is Frannie's message to the community at the time of her appointment as Priest Associate:

It is with great joy and gratitude that I begin "round three" of sharing in ministry with you people of Trinity. I look forward to engaging the signs of our times with signs of life in ways to be discerned together. What a gift to be serving again with you, Matthew, and with the incredible Trinity staff and leaders.

Since I retired from Trinity, around five years ago, I have been blessed to crisscross the globe from Lesvos to Nashville, from El Paso to Ecuador through my work with Thistle Farms. I have witnessed women (and men) in healing communities who have experienced discrimination and violence and are transforming their pain into power through community and enterprise. 

I am convinced that in every country there is justice to be done. In every community there are wounds to be healed. In every heart, there is the power of love to transform the world. 

Although I will continue to be deeply immersed in the work and vision of Thistle Farms to address violence against women, it is time for me to have a church home again. To come home to a community of faithful followers seeking strength for the journey. To break bread together, to pray with and for one another and for our world, to sing until our hearts soar, and then to go forth to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with the God whom we call by many names.  It is also time for you to have a woman priest presiding at the Holy Table again. I'd say this just might be grace!

More than thirty years ago, I stood at the back of the church rocking my daughter in my arms. Now I rock my sixteen month old granddaughter.  She calls me, Bibi, which is Granny in Swahili. You can call me Frannie.