Service Schedule and Location

  Service Schedule and Location   

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Sundays at 8:00 am & 10:00 am

Wednesdays at 12:10 pm (Healing Service with Communion)
Fridays at 7:00 am (Morning Prayer)


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330 Ravenswood Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 326-2083


Trinity worships each Sunday morning at 8:00 am and 10:00 am.   We also have a Healing Eucharist each Wednesday at 12:10 pm.  We are located at 330 Ravenswood Avenue, on the corner of Ravenswood and Laurel, just across from SRI.  We have a small parking lot.  Parking is also available on the street around the church and in SRI’s parking lot.

Our 8:00 am service usually takes place in the Chapel on all but the first Sunday of the month, when it is held in the Church.  The service is in traditional “thee,thou,thy” language (those familiar with The Episcopal Church know this as “Rite I”), includes Communion and Sermon, and a little bit of music.  It has a quiet, contemplative flavor.

Our 10:00 am service takes place in the Church, and is the service most people attend.  In an effort to meet the needs of a wide variety of people, this service follows a rotation over the course of each month so that the prayers used and the kind of music sung vary somewhat in style each week.  Those styles are described in a little more detail below.  


During the program year (September - May) children begin each Sunday morning in the either our Goldy Play program for four year olds through third graders and the Explorers program for fourth through sixth graders.  The children are brought by their parents to Trinity Hall upon arriving at the campus, and after checking in, parents proceed to church while the children participate in their program.  We encourage parents to sit in the front few rows of the church on the left hand side as you face the front so your children can find you easily when they enter church at Communion.


10:00 am Service Rotation
On the first Sunday of the month, the 10:00 am service is from the Book of Common Prayer using contemporary language (in the language of The Episcopal Church, this is “Rite II”).  Music is drawn from the traditional hymnal and also reflects the more traditional choral repertoire.


On the second Sunday, we use a moveable altar placed closer to the people, and some elements of the service are drawn from and inspired by the Celtic-influenced Christian community at Iona.  The music is variable in style.


On the third Sunday, we use a creation-centered prayer at Communion from the Book of Common Prayer (known to Episcopalians as Prayer C) and much of the music is drawn from the tradition of the Taize Community in France.

On the fourth Sunday, we also use an altar placed closer to the people, and a contemporary Eucharistic (or Communion Blessing) Prayer.  The music on this Sunday is provided by our Contemporary Music Group or Bluegrass Group.

Note:  When there is a fifth Sunday, the Contemporary Music Group or Bluegrass Group usually plays on that Sunday instead of the fourth Sunday.  During certain seasons of the year, like Advent and Lent, we sometimes leave our usual rotation and use one particular liturgy for the whole season.  And, we occasionally depart from this cycle for special services or events.


Wednesday, 12:10 pm Healing Service

On Wednesdays at 12:10 pm we offer a short (30 minute), informal Communion service that includes prayers for healing for ourselves, one another, and the world, as well as anointing with oil and laying on of hands for those who wish to receive them.  The service is held in the Chapel.